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We both arrived in Ghent a few years ago as students and were immediately captured by its architectural beauty, its bubbling liveliness and its friendly people. Ghent is one of those rare places in the world where old and new live in a beautiful harmony, building each other up and creating an unique atmosphere. Not only is Ghent a great place to study or to fall in love, it's also an amazing place to visit that can't be missing on your bucket list. We’re excited to share what we’ve discovered and show you this beautiful corner of the world.


“Since I moved to Ghent six years ago, I've fallen utterly and completely in love with this wonderful city. The symphony between the old, fascinating history of the city and the young, vibrant life here never fails to amaze me! I want to share my passion for Ghent with others and show them this beautiful city with all its medieval tales of intrigue, breathtaking architecture, cosy bars and nightlife adventures."


“I am a Ghentish student, inspired the incredible history of our beloved city. Its rise and downfall, the never-ending riots and rebellions, the political intrigues... Ghent has played a crucial role in Western-European history and that is definitely visible in the streets. I love to share this passion for the city I live in with others!"

What clients say about us

We were really impressed with the tour given by these young people. They showed great passion and enthusiasm for the city of Ghent and it was contagious!
- Thierry

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people holding drinks during day
people holding drinks during day
people beside concrete building
people beside concrete building